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Connected Cannabis Co.

About Connected Cannabis Co.

Connected Cannabis Co. is a California based cannabis company founded by Caleb Counts and Luke Coleman in 2009. Since its inception, the brand has grown as one of the leading retailers. Market leaders, and cultivators of high end designer strains in the industry. However , their success even allowed them to expand and set up a state of the art grow facility in Arizona. This cannabis brand takes pride in its mission. To develop breakthrough genetics and produce top shelf flowers that result in impressive sales and customer loyalty. With their recent funding, Connected Cannabis. plans to expand its ventures into more states. With robust cannabis culture and a promising business outlook.

This Brand made a name for itself as a premier cultivator of designer, top shelf strains that are years ahead of its competitors. Moreover, some of their well known flowers include Gelonade, Lemonatti, Biscotti, Slow Lane, The Chemist, and more. Their strains became a fan favorite thanks to their top quality combined with immaculate terpene profiles. Cannabis lovers who try their flowers rave of its distinct flavors, smells, and colors that you won’t find anywhere else. Moreover, Connected Cannabis Co. even won several Hightimes Cannabis Cups and received rewards for some of their strains. They reached this kind of achievement after testing numerous cultivation methods , in search of the best way to provide consumers with top quality cannabis.

Overall, the products and strains from Connected Cannabis Co. are worth the hype and even exceed expectations. Compared to other cannabis brands in the market, the price for their collection of flowers and other products is in the mid to high range.

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