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Atomic Apple Strain Powered by Alien Labs for Sale Online with FREE Delivery

The hybrid strain called Alien Labs Atomic Apple strain was created from Triangle Mints and Apple Fritter. Its earthy, citrus, and dessert like flavor is ideal for relaxing with friends or by yourself. Moreover, those craving an Autumn time apple citrus flavor and the depression relieving impact. To match the temperature change can make great use of the strain. The nugz are fat lumps, colored light green like the sea with streaks of deep blue. They are fluffy, long, and glossy, with bright amber trichomes.

When you open your bag and begin pulling these  Alien Labs Atomic Apple strain nugz apart. You’ll be met with the scent of apple cider and musky berries. The combination of sour and sweet is mixed with a smell of cheese, pungent spice and citrus. In addition, the flavor that lingers on your palette is like a tart apple. Mixed with a creamy, cheesy flavor, almost like vanilla yogurt, with hints of mint and gas. The total flavor palette is mind altering but somewhat expected if you have any experience with Triangle Mints or Apple Fritter. However, the strain can get up to 26% THC levels so dosing it will depend on your tolerance. However, the taste of vanilla and fuel will definitely leave you spinning.

Alien Labs Atomic Apple Strain Effects  

 As the effects set in, the first thing you’ll notice is a sense of mental energy and clarity. Your physical body will sink as your mind lifts. Despite high THC,  Alien Labs Atomic Apple strain lets you down easy by moving gently and gradually at first. Making you feel focused on your thoughts and bursting with creativity. It relaxes without sedating. The strain’s effects pair well with relaxing around the house, doing chores, catching up on your hobbies, knitting, reading, or relaxing introspectively at a spa or massage place. Moreover, this makes Atomic Apple Alien Labs ideal for people who want to de-stress. Remove depression from their minds, relax with friends at their house, or spend some time relaxing outside.

The euphoric introspection of Alien Labs Atomic Apple strain is ideal for people who want to be more grounded and in their own heads. If you find your body and mind struggling to slow down and relax and you can’t reduce your thoughts to a manageable pace, Atomic Apple Alien Labs may be able to blast your stressful thoughts into submission. It’s trancelike. So long as you appreciate sweet, sour, spicy, citrusy, cheesy, mint, creamy, and a touch of fuel, and can handle mid high 20s in terms of THC, Atomic Apple Alien Labs could be the mid-afternoon cure-all you’ve been looking for.




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