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Blue Gotti Strain is one such surprising strain, with genetics that is evenly balanced and hit most users hard. A cross between Blue Dream and Gotti strain she’s the kind of bud that smokers have only dreamed about.

Appearance: Although she usually tops out at a mere 24% THC, Blue Gotti tends to take after her parents and hit users with a heavy set of effects. Her nugz has a classic look with a blue tint, orange hairs, and a plethora of tiny white trichomes

Taste: Her flavors are far more interesting. Berries and flowers will coat your palate right off the bat, and as you exhale, a hint of spicy herbs comes along to balance things out. Blue Gotti aroma is quite similar, yet brings notes of wood to the mix as well.

Blue Gotti Strain Effects

One thing’s for certain when you try Blue Gotti Strain for the first time, don’t think you already know what you’re in store for. Her 50/50 genetics don’t accurately describe her high. As most users note that they initially feel a strong sense of energy, euphoria, and focus that can lend itself well to social situations. This experience is typically incredibly short-lived, however, and the remainder of your time. This gal will probably be spent sitting on the couch staring off into space before you ultimately fall asleep. Both a mental and physical buzz are common here, making Blue Gotti a favorite of many.

Medical Benefits

While it can be hard to wait until the end of the day to medicate your ailments with cannabis, the Gotti strain is well worth it. Most smokers state that she does wonders for both mental and physical issues, tackling depression and anxiety. With ease and melting aches away as if they never existed, to begin with. Depending on your tolerance, Blue Gotti Strain could be ideal for treating insomnia and can even help with issues of nausea or loss of appetite. While no strain is going to address every possible health concern,. Gotti Strain is one of the more versatile options on the market.


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