Gelato 41 – 100% Live Resin Disposable Pen


Gelato 41 - 100% Live Resin Disposable Pen


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Gelato 41 – 100% Live Resin Disposable Pen Powered by Alien Labs for Sale Online with FREE Delivery

Gelato 41 100% Live Resin Disposable Pen was made as a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. This gives it its fruity, sweet flavor and aroma . Gelato 41 phenotype is known for it’s clean but heavy handed euphoric high. Scent is sweet fruit with vanilla and lavender taste is a very smooth, chocolate sweet and deep. However, very popular with people who love a good indica but don’t want to be put to sleep. What do you get when you take our fresh frozen flowers, turn them into true 100% full spectrum live resin. And put it in a disposable pod style pen?. You get a loud experience that is true to the same flowers you love from us.

Flavour Chasers made Gelato 41 100% Live Resin Disposable Pen as a daytime smoke. That’s perfect for crushing bad feels and getting your body and mind to a better place. Moreover, for those that let stress affect their mood, this strain is sure to bring you back. Helping you feel functional and happy and enjoy life without procrastinating. Most strains out there help you put off work this one can get you up and working! Insanely high THC levels help get you there.

Effects of Gelato 41 100% Live Resin Disposable Pen

Gelato 41 strain won 1st place in the Indica category at the HighTimes California Cannabis Cup. Partly because of its 29% THC level. It was also lauded for its incredible aroma, which is a tantalizing mix of wood flavors, citrus, pine, and sweet berries. Those who partake are hit with an earthy, diesel taste that breaks up into floral and citrus tones as they smoke. In addition, the nose flavor is creamy and sweet while the herbs keep burning. The rare buzz caused by Gelato 41 100% Live Resin Disposable Pen is potent and gets you going. If you need to do work or focus on house cleaning, chores, hanging out with friends, or other focused tasks. You can use this Disposable Pen to get your brain moving.

The mental lethargy common in many strains is exactly the kind of brain fog a snack of Gelato is designed to destroy. Gelato 41 Disposable Pen takes “mood altering” fully to heart by giving you a feel good, heady high that’s perfect for doing hobbies like arts and crafts, knitting, and other focused, calm, happy things. The Gelato 41 strain is just as popular for these mood boosting effects as for giving people euphoria, suppressing appetite, reducing inflammation and pain, and eliminating stress and anxiety. The terpenes, Humulene and Linalool, have something to do with this. They’re both known for killing inflammation and they’re both central in Gelato 41.


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