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 Loma Prieta Strain Powered by Grandiflora Genetics for Sale Online with FREE Delivery

Loma Prieta strain by Grandiflora is a sativa dominant hybrid from the renowned Cookies brand. The parent strains are mysterious  all we can tell you is. The growers took a cross of two Grandiflora favorites, Melonatta and Project 4516, and then crossed them. Again with an anonymous mystery strain. Moreover, Named for the highest peak in the Santa Cruz mountains, Loma Prieta strain can do just that: get you the highest. However, though only 19% THC, do not be fooled: this strain packs a punch. This strain is a good strain for inexperienced or casual cannabis users. Who want to try something a bit more challenging. I mean, not as challenging as hiking a mountain. To conclude, the sweet and grassy smoke carries a hint of gas, while the uplifting, cerebral high gives way to a relaxing behind the eyes feeling. 3.5g. Order Loma Prieta strain online

Review of  Loma Prieta by Grandiflora Genetics

Dense sticky kushy nug structure with a pheno that leans toward LCG, developing long thick stalks, deep purple blended with blue grey on the leaves and a cakey layer of bone white Trichomes that create a pale oyster color when over the purple and deep earthy green hues. The pistils are a bold dirty orange helping the wild look. Moreover, Fresh but still had a nice crispness as I broke them down. Two different phenos of nugs in this batch(1 with more purple in the leaves 2nd pheno seemed a little lighter in color developing greener hues and double the amount of trichomes) both retained the same or close to the same potency when smoked together or seperate. Buy Grandiflora Loma Prieta online

The aroma has a heavy and pungent mix of delicious berries (cherry, blackberry,licorice, apple,strawberries) and deep fresh baked dessert notes. Sweet Berries stain your senses, after smoking your sure to smell and taste hints of the flavors. However, The flavor is really unique ,off the first puff the smoke was super thick and flavorful, I taste sweet warm apples and a deep black cherry flavor dominate my tastebuds with a sweet finish as I inhaled. Exhaling, the flavors get slightly more bitter adding an earthy twist to the sweet berry flavors. Grandiflora for sale worldwide


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