Medellin Strain Info

  • THC 22 – 22%
  • CBD 0.27 – 0.54%
  • CBC 0.37 – 0.43%
  • CBG 0.01 – 0.03%
  • CBN 0.43 – 0.61%
  • THCV 0.06 – 0.12%
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Medellin Strain Powdered Lemonnade for Sale Online with FREE Delivery

Medellin Strain is a cookies strain cultivated by Lemonnade. The THC content of this stain tests at 35%-40% hence one of the highest potent cookies. Not much is known about Medellin since it is an indoor strain.

Medellin has been bred by Lemonnade and is a hybrid cannabis strain. Its lineage is unknown. The strain comes with a moderately high THC content of 23%, which makes it more suited to experienced users. This cannabis is great for getting some work done, as it has balanced effects of relaxation and energy. The primary terpene in this weed is Caryophyllene.

Medellin Strain Effects

When you smoke this weed, you will feel overall relaxing effects that still let you function and don’t cause sedation. Users report feeling clarity in their heads and a relaxed body. They also feel happy, euphoric, and uplifted. This makes Medellin a good choice for a daytime smoke when you need to relax a little while also wanting to do some work.

The 23% of THC makes it a little unsuitable for beginners. It can also lead to feelings of anxiety at times. Users report this strain as being quite heavy-hitting and it can cause some coughing due to the thick smoke it produces. Like most hybrids, this cannabis may be used by people suffering from issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Buy Medellin Online

Taste and Aroma

When you open a bag of this weed or crack open one of the buds, you will instantly smell an aroma of gas. It also has a funky aroma with some sourness of lemons. The taste is musky with similar grassy notes as well as some hints of lemon.

Reviewers who bought Medellin Strain from Cali Exotic Dispensary said it has a citrus flavor and helps deal with depression and insomnia. Buy Medellin weed strain online for your #1 dispensary and get the best shipping services available. With express shipping, you’ll never have to wait a week to taste your bud.


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