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Phase One Strain Powdered Connected Cannabis Co for Sale Online with FREE Delivery

Phase One strain  is an indica dominant hybrid that has a very cakey overtone, hitting on notes of fruit, dough, creamy vanilla, with hints of citrus or spice. Similar to the flavors of a holiday fruitcake. This strain did not hit heavy like an indica but instead stimulates a great brain buzz. Socially uplifting as well and its energy will definitely drive a conversation. Of the Connected strains, it seems similar to a Gelonade in some ways and a Biscotti in others. Part of Connections‘ new strategy of soft beta testing their strains. This is the first of two new strains coming in 2021. This very limited strain is almost impossible to find outside of San Francisco, with few drops outside the Bay area

Effects of Phase One Connected Strain

If the flavor palette doesn’t entice you, the high surely will. This euphoric buzz starts smooth in the core, making its way to your limbs and up to your neck and head. Phase One strain leaves the user completely pain and stress-free in both mind and body. The Phase One strain lasting effects are cerebral in nature, with tingles that wade throughout the body without weighing you down or leaving you couch locked. Novice users are cautioned to start slow as this high is creeping and can sometimes trick you into smoking more than you can handle.

Avid growers may find that this strain, even for them, is a bit tricky. Not because it is particularly hard to maintain, but because seeds and info are hard to come by. Hailing from breeders in Oregon, this Phase One strain is seemingly specific to their farms and is not commonly found elsewhere.

Medicinal Uses

For medicinal users, this strain is heaven on earth, and possibly why it got the name Phase One . This stimulating high is great for anyone suffering from mood disorders such as depression, stress, bipolar, or anxiety. Its sedative properties make it perfect for treating pain, muscle tension, and cramps, as well as nausea and insomnia.



4 Packs, OZ (28grams), QP (114grams), HP (228grams), P (454grams)


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