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Sugar Cone  strain was definitely a keeper based on the nose alone. It has one of the most unique smells on a gelato cross we’ve done. It’s a sweet cream, cookie nose with a blast of sangria; a perfect blend of both parents. However, the taste is smooth with a nice hybrid high that settles behind the eyes after the initial “space cadet” rush. This strain not only smells good, but it also looks like it was rolled in some dry sift hash as an added bonus.  buy Sugar Cone

I tend to get pretty anxious before posting new content. So I tried this right after posting and it helped slow my mind and clear my head. As I consumed more, that mental clarity dissipated into a head in the clouds, couch lock vibe. Moreover, while the balanced effects of Cookies & Cream are present. The effects of the Gelato make this a little more stony, perfect for a weekend afternoon sesh.

Sugar Cone strain Effects

Sugar Cone strain brings an amazing taste and a space cadet high that will have you feeling fully relaxed in no time at all. This bud tastes exactly how it sounds like a sweet and sugary nutty ice cream cone filled with creamy citrusy ice cream!. The aroma is just as dreamy, with a sweet and nutty overtone accented by sour citrus and creamy fruits. In addition, the Sugar Cone high is perfect for that lazy afternoon spent outside chasing the ice cream man. With full bodied effects and a high 21% average THC level.

You’ll feel a rush of cerebral effects that quickly settle behind the eyes, leaving you with a sense of clarity and focus. Before you know it, this sense will fade, leaving you feeling totally out of touch but happy about it. These effects make the strain ideal for treating headaches. Or migraines, chronic stress, depression, chronic fatigue and ADD or ADHD. To conclude, Sugar Cone strain buds have small dense grape shaped minty green nugs. With bright orange hairs and a coating of tiny frosty white crystal trichomes.

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