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 Wazabi Zushi Strain Powdered THE TEN Co for Sale Online with FREE Delivery

Wazabi Zushi strain is a cross between two unknown strains. The strain is one of the famous strains from Pakistan, a small town located in the foothills . The name Wazabi literally means ten brave strains in Urdu language. Wazabi Zushi strain is one of the major Indore cultivars. That is famous all over the world for its vigor and disease resistance capacity. This strain is one of the famous Indore breeders. That is way, was found on the Karol Bagh and its surrounding areas in the year nineteen eighty-nine by Dr. Ghulam Murtaza. The strain was found to have ten chromosomes. When compared to the other normal indica, and was the first of its kind. It was named as such because it has its characteristic leaf shape that is shaped like the letter “C” in Urdu alphabets.

Wazabi Zushi has its tall and narrow double columella. So, with its four petals having two pointed ends at the top. This strain has its dark greenish pinkish and white flowers. That cover its entire body from the base of the leaves to its white throat and head. Wazabi Zushi strain was named as such because of the high rate of success. That it had amongst the local farmers. The strain is also known as 50 percent indica and 50 percent Sativa. Wazabi Zushi is one of the strongest strain of Indica dominant hybrid. Wazabi Zushi  is now considered as a late bloomer with great disease resistance capacity. Which makes it an ideal variety for most serious and hardy gardeners.

Wazabi Zushi Strain Review

This stuff is wild. Right off the bat I smell Wazabi Zushi . After the spiciness goes away a sweeter more hazelnut spread smell fills your nose. The spicy/cooling effect and earth tones from the Kush Mints are very apparent while the fruitiness of the zkittles is sort of sweet rather than fruity smelling. The taste on this was great and I definitely wondered where it all went when I was nearly finished with my joint.

The buds were beautifully trimmed and had all the bag appeal you could want, incredible lime green coloring with deeply vivid orange hairs covering the buds. These buds were on the stickier side and could have been cured a bit longer in my opinion, otherwise I have no issues with the way it smoked. The effects of Wazabi are immediately quite heavy and leave you quite locked and lazy, however still functional enough to run some errands or get some weekend work done.

Definitely loving the work from my dawgs at THE TEN Co


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